Thursday, November 7, 2013



I shout at the mountains
The peaks between the air

Settle down into a swing I do
Drowse into a bite of crunch I do
And gaze lazy unto myself

Weak one alone
Kinda gratisfying
Moments looped to firebugs
Light dusting
I say “colour!”

I am an intern at jesus camp
A two time jesuit tournament champ
A creak beneath your foot

I know you see me on your screen
Baited breathless painted seine
WTFuckopolis 2013

Salamanders draw lines
in the sand

Devotion time

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today's Dance

today's dance
accompanies apricot grenades
temple pounds within &
half massed we remember
cotton falling from the graceless sky

spring seasoned with gravel
scattered grey sluices
a delta
a mounted rose
a moment headed my way
from some deep pit of time

survey the demarcated tumeric
the best buy dates
treasured expiry

no matter
existing today
should displace love
no matter
listen as I tell you

we feel felt feeling
in that butterscotch wainscoting
LSD DSL connection
key tone bodies

don't sit just wait
limned by dust
until the saints come marching

nothing can match that fury