Sunday, September 25, 2011

your body the magnet

repulsive endeavor
that i never
end over ender
remember the fender
refender the member
crumpled entendre
and tender

and tender

resend her
the ceder the cinder
the trunk full of clothes
plot full of holes
yes full of knows
holes in your hose
the penchant for ash
country hair flash
dusty insultress

dusk swallow us
Fox chasing chicken
impulsing in rust
plot starts to thicken

cant quite catch the cusp
questing ionic
circle to trace
ironic the chill
of break and mistaken

you enter tainted
room full of traps
insider floors
incinder the snaps
bird wet a nest
fish castanet

two enders end
over end
meet and repair
this sorcery
is the blackset widow
tangled in bed
webbed to the window

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