Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did you Mean Coitus?

I thought I would take a break at work to learn a bit more about the Cisco Cius device, which is Cisco's business-specific tablet offering.

I must have been in the wrong place at the right time because not only did I fail to get search results, I was assaulted with a very aggressive/suggestive search suggestion.

I was going to follow up with a "coitus" search, but instead I snapped up my laptop and hustled the hell out of there. I'm not in the business of getting caught in the act.
A post-coitus Cius face-to-face. All business, of course.

1 comment:

  1. ...ifin yuhz havin' wun ov dem thar "face-to-face" bizniz tawks wid da Cius gajit, den wun ov yuhz runz ta da terlet--iz dat "Koy-tuhss Een-tar-uptuhss"? (And what happens if he gets behind his Cius when he's done in the bathroom? "oggie Style"?!).