Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Russ, 31, realizes that his younger brother has never dropped anything

Russ Gestaro, of Mea Culpa, Minnesota, is creating quite a stir among local social media outlets. 

"Can you drop me off at the bar, bro?"
"Nope. Sorry. I don't drop anything."

Over the weekend, Russ received a blow to the head. This blow was an idea hammer, bearing the weight of a harsh theory - that his younger brother, Daniel Gestaro Jr., had never dropped anything. During the first commercial of the Minnesota Vikings attempt at a football game, Russ approached and then circled his brother (who was grabbing a snack in the kitchen) and asked him if he had ever dropped a thing in his life. His brother is said to have shrugged and said no, walking away with a taco balanced on a spoon.

Russ strenuously searched his memory, and couldn’t recall a single time when something had fallen from Daniel’s grasp. Suffice it to say, ladies and gentle ladies, Russ is growing up. Hard.

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