Friday, November 19, 2010


The most frustrating point in my Halloween preparation timeline happened in a WalMart. In the shoes section. The ladies shoes section. Specifically, the boots section of the ladies shoes section. I was desperately trying to get my wide-load feet to feed into the talkative end of a pair of women's cowboy boots. Halfway in might as well been all the way, because for a good ten minutes I was unable to pull out, dancing horizontally on the tile in increasingly discouraging spirals until finally one boot flew off into the nearby jewelery department. It was time to rethink my costume: The Cowboy of Questionable Intent.

I went hunting for "boot alternatives."

Boot Alternatives 4 the Urban Cowboy

$20 later I also had a bullet sash, a pink cowboy hat, and some wranglin' gloves. I got home to find out who would be joining us for the night weekend out in Chapel Hill. The lineup and their accompanying mugshots follow:

If you haven't caught Bieber fever you must be bathing in a bubblebath of boredom in Brooklyn. Towel off and get with the program.
Bieber Fever: texting in tights

Nothing says inanimate object like a human lamp. Except for maybe a lamp with loudspeaker. Concerning this costume's posterity, including a yank chain may not have been the best idea.
Flor Lamp

John Steinbeck once said:
The only difference between mice and men is that men can dress up as mice, whereas mice just eat cheese and poop viruses. 
My roommates decided to try to live out all portions of the preceding quote.

Cheese submits

Picture proof that dedication is located near the bottom of a Keystone Light can. Keith was poised to pose all night.
Cowboy of Questionable Intent and Keith Stone

Zhang it! throws multi-colored jabs in all directions with his Double Rainbow costume. Almost as popular with the ladies as Biebs.
Double Rainbow
The flip side

Witches be down to switch hats with me, statistics show. Clarkness came out of the darkness to show she wasn't an outlier.
CQI and Clarkness

LiteBrite steals the most costume comments of the weekend. Most comments showcased astonishment and awe, but some, including one from an elderly gentleman who wanted to "rub the lights," could have used some censorship.
LiteBrite Laura, costume of the night

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