Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Time to Climb

The Smiley's Project is just plain extraordinary. That's right, ordinary was hanging out, minding it's own business, when extra booted down the door and said "We're getting married!"
"We got married!"

Janelle Smiley (then "Janelle Leeper") is a childhood friend from my days in Colorado. Though I haven't seen her since before I took my first driver's license photo, it looks as though she hasn't been sitting around knitting. (If you do knit, Janelle, feel free to correct me.) Her and her husband, Mark, committed in 2010 to "climbing all of the routes made famous by the iconic book, Fifty Classic Climbs of North America."

When I found their site, I was so impressed I completely undressed. I burned all of my clothes. I have committed to never wearing clothes that don't have The North Face branded all over them. North Face, if you see this... I'm getting cold and could use an extra long jacket to cover up a thing or two.
Embedded below is the Smiley's video recap of their climb in Alaska. It includes great music, breathtaking HD footage, hot helicopters, and an endearing message about the best way to take your vitamins at altitude.


  1. No lie, this is majorly awesome. For. Serious.

  2. it's like... how do they hold on? is this real life?