Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not for Prophets

In June, at the 1st annual Cisco Volunteer Fair, I had the privilege to help present Cisco's corporate approach to giving to a group of 20+ area non-profits. I then led a panel discussion with a group of my peers. We offered insight into how non-profits can engage and utilize the unique talents us Gen Y kids bring to the table (but sometimes hide under it).

"Hmm, I could use this to get a leg up on the competition..."

Today, I took advantage of an afternoon opportunity to help out at The Kramden Institute. Their organization had a memorable booth at the aforementioned volunteer fair, and I was intrigued by their mission. What do they do? They turn tossed computers into asphalt; paving a road for students in need to drive toward educational success.

My palamander Luke and I set up the event to cross-pollinate two of Cisco's resource groups: the Early in Career Network (Gen Y) and GBLT&A (Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Asexual) or (Gay, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Avocado). We tackled broken monitors, a mouse nest, dusty keyboards, and crusty circuitry with a fervor only possible after 5 PM on a workday. We weren't afraid to ask the tough questions, like "Why are we cleaning these mice without giving them a little plug love and testing their metal a little?" I was amazed at the streamlined operation they have set up, and I did my best not to let my big mouth get in the way.

On the way out, I read a letter by a girl from Colorado who'd typed Kramden a letter, telling them about all the massive, impossible things she was going to accomplish with her new desktop. Here's hoping she moves mountains.

Yeah, I'm a mountain and I'm live-streaming right now.

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