Friday, July 24, 2009

Is that a hacker in your pants or are you just trying to scare me?

The pace of work was not quite up to what I thought it would be and I had no assigned activities for the afternoon; I thus became obsessed with making my laptop and phone talk to each other. In order to accomplish this, I would have to take advantage of something known as Bluetooth technology, where information can be transferred wirelessly through connected sources. Twins and triplets have been using this technology for eons, but I have faithfully avoided it because I hate people who walk through the grocery store seemingly holding palavers with themselves.

After about ten computer restarts and some in-depth process switch-knifing, my computer finally announced that it could “see” my phone. This capacity, however, as with many such capabilities, came at a costly penance; my self-respect. About an hour before I finally got the connection to work, a lady sitting about 50 feet from me stood up and shouted “Who is trying to hack my computer?!!” A bunch of people gathered around her and chattered as she showed them her screen. “It says ‘Please enter the access code for Blackberry XXXX-XX!’” Thankfully, because everyone was distracted by the chaos, nobody noticed me writhing in my cube with my head down, yanking my battery out of my phone. “There,” she declared, “it’s gone. Hope that wasn’t a security breach.” I heard her asking who had a Blackberry, and I threw the phone in my bag and went for a walk.

More to come: housing update, worst dream ever (snakebite/death warrant), Summertime’s birthday weekend in downtown Raleigh, mailbox, HP6


  1. Hahaa! Holy cow! That was a close call! Glad you got out of there with your phone, job and dignity intact! Can't wait to hear the housing details. Have a fun, safe time in Raleigh....and this time remember your ID!! Be safe.

  2. cudos on the 40 year old virgin parity. its well enjoyed.