Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Fry

After I go to the on campus gym for a bit, I am heading down to Briar Creek, a swaky collection of buildings, to have dinner with some cohorts. We then plan on going to see Bruno and then going downtown Raleigh somewhere.

Dinner and Scattegories last night. I impressed competitors with an answer of "Extra Scoop" for an ice cream flavor starting with "E." Not much else going on. I saw a lady at Harris Teeter whose gums were bigger than her teeth, and gray. She said she was a fan of professional football and then bought two bottles of wine.

I found out that my company calls white-out "correction fluid." As in, "Honey, I can't see the road. What's worse, the whetherman is calling for a total correction fluid flurry tomorrow."

Revolutionary Road won't make you giddy, but it is a pretty good movie. Leo was awesome. I hate Kate Winslet, but she is good at acting pissed and acting depressed, so it is a good role for her. After a while though, I just couldn't take how she looked. I found myself wishing for a rouge iceberg to find its way on set.

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  1. Okay Wes! Thanks for the Revolutionary Road review!! Now I will watch it and giggle everytime Kate gets cranky! I guess I will still rent it for Leo's sake though. Have fun at the movie tonight, as well as downtown Raleigh. Oh, and I think I saw tomorrow's puppy of the day tonight while walking...cute enough to make one squeal!!! Take care friend!